Anansi is a NoWeb–inspired literate programming preprocessor. I stopped developing it because I didn't experience any benefit from literate programming.

Chell is a simple test framework for Haskell.

haskell-ncurses is a Haskell binding to GNU NCurses.

haskell-options is a simple and practical command-line option parser for Haskell. It doesn't see much development any more, but since it's extensible and doesn't have any dependencies it should still be usable even far in the future.



data-binary-ieee754 is an obsolete library for parsing and serializing IEEE-754 floating point values. The cereal package gained support for IEEE-754 in November 2011, and should be preferred for all use cases.

enumerator is an obsolete data processing library for Haskell.

haskell-cpython is an obsolete Haskell binding to the Python 3.x C API. It does work for running Python code from within a Haskell-compiled binary, but is probably more trouble than you want. Try running separate processes that communicate with gRPC instead.

haskell-dbus is a D-Bus client library in pure Haskell. I once used D-Bus extensively for cross-platform RPC, but now prefer the stronger schemas and better architecture of gRPC.

haskell-gnome-keyring is an obsolete Haskell binding to the Gnome Keyring client libraries.

haskell-gnuidn is an obsolete Haskell binding to GNU Libidn.

haskell-gsasl is an obsolete Haskell binding to GNU SASL.

haskell-libxml is an obsolete Haskell binding to LibXML's SAX2 API.

haskell-re2 is an obsolete Haskell binding to re2.

haskell-xmpp is an implementation of XMPP in Haskell. XMPP was used as a foundtation for various VoIP and IM protocols, including Jabber, Google Wave, and Jingle. As most use of IM migrated to smartphones in the mid 2010s, XMPP was replaced by proprietary protocols with less complexity and more features.

haskell-yajl is an obsolete Haskell binding to YAJL.


jsonlib is an obsolete JSON implementation for Python. JSON support was merged into the Python standard library in version 2.6, so jsonlib is of historical interest only.

django-genshi is an obsolete utility library for rendering Genshi templates in Django.

django-resourcetags is an obsolete utility library for using pre-compressed resources in Django.

genshi-forms is an obsolete utility library for building HTML forms in Genshi.


Copper is an obsolete test framework I wrote at university. It is of historical and personal interest only. Use GoogleTest instead.